Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Bubble Bobble Bonanza

Two announcements popped up this morning concerning Taito's Bubble Bobble games. The first is for (unsurprisingly) the 3DS. Square Enix will be releasing the arcade classic Puzzle Bobble for 3DS, and a few screen shots have for the upcoming soap and dragon title have been shown off in the link below.

The second is Bubble Bobble Double for the iPhone and iPod Touch which may be the strangest looking Bubble Bobble game I've ever witnessed (and isn't that saying somethin'...). You can see gameplay in the video directly above.

There's no word on a release date for either of these games yet, but I'm fascinated by how fun they potentially could be. Bubble Bobble Double especially doesn't look like anything I've played before.

3DS Releases

Nintendo has been releasing quite a ton of information on upcoming 3DS games this morning, whilst I slept. I just wanted to point to a few games that look interesting, like Chocobo Racing and Super Monkey Ball. These quirky franchises will also be joined by classic and big numbers series' like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, and Animal Crossing (and other games I don't really care about).

As a whole, the line-up in the video above alone makes the 3DS appear to be the best supported system on release I can remember.

Prices were also announced this morning. The 3DS should cost about $300 and will be reaching US and European shores in March of '11.

Fun news all 'round.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

8BITS: A Brilliant Short Film

8BITS is a short film by directors Valere Amirault, Sarah Laufer, Jean Delaunay, and Benjamin Mattern depicting conflict between the 2D and 3D realms in video games. It's filled with some cute and action packed sequences that will leave anyone who grew up playing games with fond nostalgia.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Graveyard Graveyard Revolution

If you've ever played Tale of Tales' The Graveyard then you have to experience the brilliance that is Graveyard Graveyard Revolution, a browser-bound parody of the brief, monochrome game. Created for Klik of the Month in just two hours by Terry Cavanagh of VVVVVV fame, the game is as hilarious as it is mind blowingly clever.

You can play the game for free RIGHT HERE!

And if you like that and have never heard of VVVVVV you should definitely check it out. NOW ON STEAM!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sadness...Not Cancelled?...Maybe...

In the wake of vaporware Duke Nukem Forever's resurrection at the hand of Gearbox Studios we may be seeing another come-back of a game we had all thought dead. Sadness was a vaporware title that took an ungodly long amount of time to never come out, and it was confirmed as cancelled. But recently due to a post at an official youtube account we might not have heard the last of Sadness:

Greeting, significant progress is being made on our Flagship title, Sadness. Expect update by holiday 2010.

That's about all there is to know. Let's not get hysterical, but there may be reason to keep our ears perked.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tokyo Jungle Trailer

The Tokyo Game Show is perhaps the perfect place for Sony to be showing off its first trailer for its dystopic new game "Tokyo Jungle." Wild animals from Pomeranians to Tyrannosauruses fight for survival in the overgrown city of Tokyo (hence the name Tokyo Jungle). Looks pretty cool, but I'm worried for the puppy in the trailer.

Disgaea 4 Revealed

Nippon Ichi's Disgaea 4, the fourth title in a very odd series, has been revealed at this official teaser site. Aside from the trailer above all we know is a February 24th release date (likely just for Japan) and it's for PS3. The site won't be fully open until September 7th. Until then we get to fold our hands and sit patiently.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Last Guardian Trailer

The Last Guardian has reached the Tokyo Game Show along with the HD ports of Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. You may also have noticed the new trailer for The Last Guardian directly above these wordy things. Proceed to ignore the wordy things and watch that if you haven't already.

And if that's not enough there is another trailer for the already amazing Ico and Shadow of the Colossus games for PS3 right below.

Muramasa and Odin Sphere May Be Going HD

A rumor has risen over at; they've been hearing from multiple sources that Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Odin Sphere will be getting ported to HD consoles in Japan. Both are beautiful games with lovingly hand-draw visuals.

It would be nice to see these two games reach a larger audience than they originally had gained isolated away on one console each.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Catherine Trailer

Atlus' upcoming game Catherine got a new trailer today. This one features a few previously unknown little bits of information, like Vincent's girlfriend Katherine (notice the K) and some of the most bizarre sexual horrors one might imagine.

It's hard not to get more and more excited for this game. It's a wholly unique game in a disturbingly unique world with potentially intelligent adult themes. We'll probably here more about it during TGS. So here's hoping.

Haiku Hero

A discovery through, as many of mine are, Haiku Hero is a fantastic way to work your brain through our beloved video game medium. You are given a certain time limit (in two out of three of the given settings) to come up with as many haikus as you can while following the game's instructions. These can be something simple like "use P as much as possible" or as challenging as "use only two syllable words."

A recommendation is that you don't only try to follow the 5-7-5 formula but also relate the whatever your haiku is about to nature. This extra restriction feels a little more "haiku" than just making sentences and can help you invent some hilarious and/or profound (and/or profoundly stupid) fo-Zen thoughts.

You can play the game for free online at Kongregate through THIS LINK.

My Garden - EA's First 3DS Game

What may be unfairly dubbed as shovelware, EA's first game announced for the 3DS is "My Garden." The gardening sim will use the "beauty and complexity of the natural world" as you manage your garden and share it with others. It was announced to be one of the 3DS launch titles as the still unknown release date approaches.

While the game looks simple and relaxing I have the sneaking suspicion that any Zen experience had will be tempered by fighting off ladybugs and constant watering. It might be a lot of fun... or it could just end up shovelware. Either way early screenshots look lovely.

Shadows of the Damned Announced

For the Tokyo Game Show EA is showing off its latest title by both Suda51 (No More Heroes) and Shinji Makami (Resident Evil 4) with music from Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill series) called Shadows of the Damned. It appears to be a mix of Rodriguez style action and Lovecraftian horror based on the trailer provided above. More news of the game should pop up during TGS, so we can just sit on our hands until then. Though personally I'm feeling a little underwhelmed at the moment, the shear status of its creators would hopefully imply a great game to come.