Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Today I Die Again

It seems like an eternity since Daniel Benmergui announced his game Today I Die was coming to the iPhone. It was the pinnacle piece of his Moon Stories collection (which also included Storyteller and I Wish I Were Your Moon). But now it has finally been released to the iPhone and other iOS systems called Today I Die Again, and it is just as wonderful as one could hope.

The game features a few changes from its original incarnation and the touch screen gameplay feels absolutely natural. Once you complete the game you can play a simple poetry writing game, that can be pretty entertaining, but it adds little to the overall game, which alone is well worth the 99 cent asking price.

There's no reason to avoid supporting this developer, especially at such a reasonable price. However, you could also get a freeware version of the game at HIS OFFICIAL SITE! So anyone with an iPod Touch or iPhone and half a brain could consider the purchase a neat little gift along with a small donation.

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